Welcome to Matt’s Caddy Shack

Matt’s Caddy Shack is your Cadillac, Ford, Chevy and Dodge truck dealer alternative in San Diego and East County – Cadillac repairs, parts, service – Ford F- Series Diesel Truck Repairs, Chevy Diesel Duramax repairs and Dodge Diesel engine service.

Besides being an expert in repairing all makes and models of Cadillac’s,  Matt’s Caddy Shack also specializes in repairing Diesel Trucks from Ford, Chevy and Dodge. Matt’s Caddy Shack is your diesel truck dealer alternative in San Diego and East County – for Ford Diesel F-Series Repairs, Chevy Duramax Diesel repairs and Dodge Ram Diesel repairs.

We’ve been repairing Cadillac’s for over 28 years and servicing all makes and models for over 30 years.

Because Matt’s Caddy Shack is a family-owned auto repair shop with a strong reputation for being honest and genuine, our customers will drive from all over San Diego and even from as far away as Texas, to bring us their new Cadillac’s and diesel trucks like Ford F350 series.

Matt’s has also become a specialist in repairing Ford F-250, F-350, F-450 diesel engines as well as the entire line of Chevy Duramax diesel engines. People from all over California and the Southwest have delivered their large diesel pick up trucks to have major engine work done because they know it gets done right the first time.

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